Bringing out your true Beauty

I always see people wearing clothes where the color does nothing for them. The same applies to hair color. Everyone has their favorite color or colors that they are attracted to. This does not mean that they will look good on you. We all have different skin tones and natural hair color. You need to look for colors that will enhance your complexion, both with fashion and beauty. I see a lot people whose hair color is too harsh, or too light. It makes me wonder if they payed any attention in school. One of the first things taught in cosmetology school is color theory. Not everyone uses it though when making color choices. You need to figure out whether or not your complexion has a cool undertone or a warm one. By knowing your undertone, you will then be able to make the correct color choice.  If you have pale ivory skin with a warm undertone, which is pink or red, you want to choose a warm color to brighten your skin. The best way to find out your undertone is by looking at the underside of your wrist. You will either see a reddish or pink undertone, or a yellow-olive one. If your in the middle then you can probably pull off any color. If you have a favorite color but it doesn’t look good on you try different shades of that color. Just by choosing the right colors can make your face glow. This is the same for both fashion and beauty. I feel that color theory isn’t used as often as it should be, whether choosing clothes or a hair color. Stylists need to educate their clients about this way of choosing colors more often. I just hate seeing someone with the wrong hair color, or wearing the wrong color shirt.


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